Virtual Machine

We hear Virtual Machine(VM) terminology so many times. But what is exactly meant by VM, we are not able to explain it clearly. This articles clears your idea about VM in short. Generally we are using calculator from mobile or laptop, playing car racing games and so many similar application, i.e nothing but VM. 

Before directly start discussion on Virtual Machine first we have to clear idea about Virtualization. Virtualization is a method to logically divide your system resources for different applications. Virtualization is of different types like OS level, Application level, Memory and Storage level, data, database, network etc.

What is Virtual Machine?
  A software simulation of a machine which can perform application like physical machine, but having no physical existence.

Basically there are two types of VM:
     1. Hardware/System based
     2. Application/Software/Process based

Hardware Based VM:
  It provides the several logical system on the same machine with strong isolation with each other. Basic advantage of this is effective resource utilization. Its mainly concerned with system admin related terminology. For example we are installing Microsoft OS on our system i.e host OS and on that we are installing Linux as guest OS. 
e.g. KVM (Kernel based VM) for linux , Cloud Computing, VMWare

Application Based VM:
   The VM acts as runtime engine to run a perticular programming language application.
  e.g. JVM - for java based application
        CLR(Common Language Runtime) - for .net application

List of some VM: VirtualBox, VMware, QEMU.
Amazon is providing you virtual system on rent(Cloud computing)

Hypervisor is a computer software or hardware that creates and runs virtual machines. Hypervisor provides only required resources to particular OS.  For more details on hypervisor click here.

Its a very short introduction about virtualization and VMWare, hope you clear. 


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